Course Name
1111 Probability Theory [obligatory] Chih-Rung Chen W567-A407[GF]
1111 Deep learning in medical image analysis Guan-Hua Huang F567-A406[GF]
1111 Causal Inference Sheng-Hsuan Lin M234-A406[GF]
1111 Statistical Methods in Finance Chu-Lan Kao M567-A406[GF]
1111 Biostatistics Weijing Wang R234-A406[GF]
1111 Quality Control Hsiuying Wang W234-A406[GF]
1111 Introduction to Data Science Henry Horng-Shing Lu T567-A406[GF]
1111 Consulting in Statistics [obligatory] Hsiuying Wang T567-A407[GF]
1111 Regression Analysis [English Medium Course] Chu-Lan Kao W567-A406[GF]
1111 Mathematical Statistics [obligatory] Chih-Rung Chen T34R56-A406[GF]
1111 Seminar [English Medium Course]   [obligatory] Sheng-Hsuan LinNanfu Peng F34n-A427[GF]
1111 Generalized Linear Models Shao-Wei Cheng M789-GEN III綜三 834(NTHU)
1102 High-Dimensional Data Analysis CHING-KANG YIN M678-GEN III綜三 840(NTHU)
1102 Nonparametric Curve Estimation HUANG, LI-SHAN  M34T3-GEN III綜三 840(NTHU)
1102 Introduction to Statistical Designs and Analyses in Clinical Trials Ken-Ning Hsu T234-A406[GF]
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