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About Institute of Statistics

Statistics is a data science concerned with methods for extracting information from data that are obscured by random noise. Applications have been found in almost all fields of sciences. Research in Statistics can be practical as well as fundamental in the sense that many data analyzing methods are developed in the context of particular scientific fields and are then abstracted and packaged for general use in other areas.

Currently, Taiwan is in the process of advancing technologies and enhancing social welfares. Statistical thinking can provide better quality in decision making and technology improvement. A vast demand of professional expertise in statistics exists in all kinds of areas, including industries, natural sciences, business, finance, medicine, public health, social sciences, etc. In particular, in the recent advances of life sciences, statistics has proven itself playing a very important role as in the research area of bioinformatics.

Aiming at promoting fundamental/practical research in statistics and breeding professionals with statistical expertise, the Institute of Statistics at the National Chiao Tung University was formally established in 1992. There are nine full-time faculty members. The Institute offers both the Master of Science (M.S.) program and Ph.D. program. So far, 454 students had graduated with the M.S. degree and 46 with the Ph.D. degree.

The establishment of the M.S. and Ph.D. programs in our institute has been attracting perspective graduate students and generating intellectual impacts in the community through close interactions. With the excellent graduate programs and equipped with resourceful hardware and software, our institute has become one of the most important statistical institutes in Taiwan..

Main Laboratory Facilities:

  • Hardware
  • Server、PC、Notebook。
  • Software
  • SAS、Matlab、Minitab、Numerical Recipes in C++ and C、LATEX、CTEX。