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Areas of Research

Position & Name Education Research Fields
Guan-Hua Huang
Ph.D., Johns Hopkins Univ.  Biostatistics, Genetic statistics, High dimensional data analysis, Machine learning and deep learning, Medical image analysis 
Horng-Shing Lu
Ph.D., Cornell Univ.  Statistics, Medical Images, and Bioinformatics. 
Hsiu-ying Wang
Ph. D., NCHU   Interval estimation, Statistical inference.  
Wei-Jing Wang
Ph.D., Cornell Univ.  Survival Analysis, Non and Semi Parametric Estimation, Biostatistics, Time Series 
Hui-Nien Hung
Ph.D., Univ. of Chicago  Statistical inference, Scientific computing 
Associate Professor,
Sheng-Hsuan Lin
Ph.D., Harvard Univ.  Causal Inference, Mediation Analysis, Epidemiology, Biostatistics, Statistics Genomics, Psychiatry
Associate Professor,
Chu-Lan Kao
Ph. D., NCU   Renewal Theory, Change-Point Detection, Financial Statistics 
Associate Professor,
Nan-fu Peng
Ph.D., Ohio State Univ.  Probability, Stochastic Processes 
Assistant Professor,
Chih-Rung Chen
Ph.D., Univ. of Chicago  Estimation function, Statistical inference, Probability theory