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Ph. D Degree Regulations

89_57b74ff1.gif   Qualifying Examination
Every student in the Ph. D program must pass the Ph. D Qualifying Examination within six enrolled semesters after entering the program. The Ph. D Qualifying Examination is a written exam given during the first two weeks of classes in each semester. The exam consists of two parts, theoretical statistics and applied statistics, which can be taken at different time. Each part of the examination may be attempted a maximum of three times. Typically there are five problems in theoretical statistics and four problems in applied statistics. A student becomes a Ph. D. candidate after passing the Qualifying Examination. Failing this examination will not affect the student’s candidacy for the master degree if he/she does not have one.
90_1cefbf4c.gif  Dissertation
The primary requirement of the Ph. D. degree is the completion of a dissertation presenting the results of a significant body of original research under supervision of a faculty member of the institute. The candidate must defend the dissertation in a final oral examination in front of an examination committee consisting of five to nine members, among them at least 1/3 must be from outside of the institute. The committee members should be given sufficient time to read the dissertation prior to the examination.

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